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Failure To Detect Shoulder Dystocia

Shoulder dystocia is a serious delivery complication that occurs when one or both of a baby’s shoulders become wedged behind the mother’s pubic bone. Shoulder dystocia requires immediate intervention to prevent devastating injuries to the baby, including brain damage, permanent nerve damage, paralysis, brachial plexus injury, contusions, lacerations, bone fractures and even death.

Anticipating the likelihood of shoulder dystocia is one of the most effective methods of preventing this condition. Through prenatal care and observation during labor, a physician should be able to identify this dangerous complication and take necessary protective measures to prevent birth injury due to shoulder dystocia. At NOW Law of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, our lawyers can help families like yours investigate and understand the cause of your child’s disabilities and obtain maximum compensation for your child’s preventable injuries.

Understanding The Risk Factors

Certain risk factors that may increase the chance for shoulder dystocia include:

  • A high birth weight baby
  • Maternal obesity
  • A mother’s small pelvis
  • Maternal diabetes
  • History of shoulder dystocia in previous deliveries
  • Lack of proper prenatal screening

Oftentimes, shoulder dystocia occurs because of a preventable error such as failure to perform a timely C-section or when the health care provider fails to use various approved maneuvers to properly position the baby for delivery.

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