Parents in Pennsylvania who have concerns about their children’s health should be able to trust their instincts but also their pediatricians. Unfortunately the latter is not always as reliable as moms and dads would hope or may need. When doctors fail to provide proper care to children and injuries or even death result, parents are left to figure out how to move forward and how to pursue justice.

A tragic example of the health care system failing one family can be seen in a case that recently saw a judge assign liability for a baby’s death to a medical practice and two doctors. Reports indicate that in 2010 a new mother took her infant daughter to the pediatrician on two different occasions. The mom brought her newborn in because she feared the baby might have whooping cough. The mother’s requests for tests were not heeded and the disease was not diagnosed efficiently, therefore delaying the chance of proper treatment.

In the end, the baby girl died after living for only 32 days. The baby’s mother has now been awarded $4 million in compensatory damages and the judge in the case has identified the pediatric practice as well as two different pediatricians who saw the baby as responsible for the child’s death.

The agnst involved in the loss of a child can never really be overcome but Pennsylvania parents might find it helpful to discuss their situations with an attorney after such an experience.

Source: Lancaster Online, “Lancaster County mother awarded $4M in malpractice suit on infant daughter’s death,” Heather Stauffer, May 17, 2018