Every state in the nation, including Pennsylvania, has clear laws governing traffic flow and operation of vehicles. In addition, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has additional rules and guidelines that govern the operation of commercial motor vehicles by those with commercial driving licenses. These rules are intended to ensure that truckers and others who operate large commercial vehicles do so safely and responsibly.

Accidents involving semi trucks, buses, dump trucks or other such vehicles have the ability to be extremely serious given their large size and weight. Also of concern is the risk that the contents of a tanker could be spilled during a crash, further exacerbating the consequences of a wreck or putting even more people in harm’s way. 

One example of how quickly a single truck accident can unfold can be seen in an incident that occurred recently in Lower Saucon. According to a report from U.S. News and World Report, a crash happened in the wee morning hours along a stretch of Interstate 78 that left one person seriously injured.

Few details are known about what precipitated the crash but what is known is that it resulted in a string of events that involved a passenger vehicle and four different tractor trailers. One of those tractor trailers actually ended up on top of the passenger vehicle. Another truck split open, spilling out the contents it was transporting. A third semi truck went down an embankment. The freeway was closed for some time in both directions due to this accident.