Car crashes occur every day in Pennsylvania. For example, recently, a vehicle slid, flipped and smashed into a Subway restaurant. Fortunately, no one was inside the building at the time.

Regardless of how dramatic or benign the accident seems, it is still vital to call the police out even if you do not think anyone sustained injuries. It is rare for insurance claims for car accidents to be straightforward, so you want as much evidence as you can acquire that proves the extent of the damages. Here are a few things the police do that may improve your chances of compensation.

Safeguard the scene

When the police arrive, they will often block off the scene, so they can investigate. This gives you a chance to feel safe and collect evidence, such as pictures of the damage both vehicles sustained. You can also feel more at ease talking to the police knowing you are no longer in the line of traffic. During this time, you want to give the police a thorough explanation of what happened and what you believe caused the accident. 

Investigate the cause

One of the most critical factors in any car accident claim involves determining who was at fault. Most of the time, each driver will say the other one is at fault. The police will look at the scene and come up with an educated guess. This can also include gathering witness reports. The cops can also determine if the other driver is under the influence of drugs, which can impact your case. 

Create a police report

Ultimately, you need the police there so that they can create a report. This is a vital piece of evidence if you plan on taking the other driver to court. You can request a copy of this police report at a later date. This report will contain information related to the damage done and what caused the collision.