Pennsylvanian residents often have the option of going to the emergency department (ED) of their local hospital if they have an acute, sudden, or severe medical issue that needs to be looked at immediately. However, there are some problems unique to the ED that can cause serious issue or even injury for those who rely on it.

The National Institutes of Health gives emergency department crowding a definition, stating that it is an scenario in which an emergency department is filled beyond capacity. That consequently diminishes the level of care health providers can give. This can result in issues like:

  • Misdiagnoses
  • Providing the wrong treatment
  • Missing an allergy
  • Reading x-rays, results, or paperwork incorrectly
  • Not noticing an issue until after treatment would be effective

In essence, these problems can boil down to a form of negligence. Medical staff can feel so much pressure to simply get through the long line of patients waiting for care that things slide under the radar. They may read your x-ray incorrectly, they may give you medication you have an allergy to, or they may accidentally cause infection by not sterilizing medical tools properly. Though this is an issue on behalf of the hospital for holding their staff to unrealistic standards, it can also do you – the patient – even more harm.

If you have been injured due to medical negligence, or have a loved one who has suffered, you may want to contact an attorney. The right legal help can allow you to seek compensation while focusing on recovery.