You work hard to support your family and pay your bills on time. Unfortunately, sometimes there is too much month left at the end of your paycheck. If you have a collision with another driver, you may worry about paying for medical bills and property damage. 

You may not think you can afford to hire an attorney to help you assert your legal rights. After all, legal fees can cost tens of thousands of dollars. You should not panic, though. If you work with an attorney that represents clients on a contingency basis, you can probably afford effective representation. 

Understanding contingent fees 

With some attorneys, clients pay a retainer up front. As lawyers provide services, they withdraw money from the retainer, which they hold in a trust account. When funds diminish, attorneys ask clients to pay an additional amount to continue representation. 

Contingent fees are different. Lawyers with this type of arrangement do not accept payment until they recover compensation for you. As such, you do not have to worry about either paying an initial retainer or replenishing one when it runs out. For cash-strapped clients, a contingent agreement is often the best way to ensure competent representation without breaking the bank. 

Budgeting for other costs 

Even if your attorney represents you pursuant to a contingency agreement, you may have to pay other fees. For example, you may need to pay filing fees, expert costs and transcription expenses. These fees are often manageable, however, as they are usually significantly less than attorney fees. 

Following an automobile accident, you must take care of yourself. That is, you must focus on recovering from your injuries. You must also repair damaged property. You should not have to worry about paying for an attorney to advocate on your behalf, though. By choosing a lawyer that works pursuant to a contingency agreement, you free up your wallet to pay for other important expenses.