Hazardous conditions due to winter weather can set the stage for a chain-reaction roadway collision involving multiple vehicles and dozens of people. Particularly unforgiving snow squalls last Wednesday led to two massive pileups on Pennsylvania highways at approximately the same time. There are no reports of fatalities from either accident, but over two dozen people altogether have sustained injuries as a result.

One of the collisions occurred on Interstate 78 in Windsor Township early Wednesday afternoon. Several of the 15 vehicles involved were semi trucks. Authorities report that the crash injured three people, but it is not clear whether they received hospital treatment, nor is the severity of the injuries known. 

A similar accident took place around the same time on Route 222 in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. A snow squall contributed to whiteout conditions, and the decreased visibility caused 27 vehicles to pile up in a multi-car wreck. Of the 27 vehicles, one was a dump truck and two were 18-wheelers. One witness reported seeing an SUV sandwiched within a semi that had jackknifed. The Wyomissing crash caused critical injuries to two people, with 24 people sustaining injuries altogether. 

The same storm system also produced a large pileup on Interstate 90 in upstate New York. The total number of vehicles involved in all three crashes was over 60.

Whether it is because their large size makes them more cumbersome or shipping companies require truckers to drive in ice and snow, it seems that semi trucks often become involved in collisions such as these. In cases where winter weather conditions may have exacerbated someone else’s irresponsible behavior, it may be helpful for those affected to seek the counsel of an attorney.