Pennsylvania drivers must be considerate and conscientious on the road. However, some motorists fail to abide by the rules, which can lead to a hit and run accident. Because this can be a stressful experience, it’s important for you to take the proper steps should a hit and run happen to you. In this case, State Farm offers the following advice.

Takes notes about the accident

While it’s likely that you’ll be rattled, try to jot down some notes immediately after the crash. Take note of when the collision occurred, where it was located, what direction the other driver sped off in, if road conditions contributed to the accident, as well as any other important pieces of information. If possible, take pictures of your vehicle, focusing on the damage that occurred. This will provide insight into the crash when looked at by investigators.

Look for witnesses

If there are bystanders, be sure you speak with them. Witness testimony helps create an object version of events, which is important when making an accident claim with your insurance company. Ask bystanders for their names and contact information, as well as a brief statement on what they saw.

Stay on the scene

Although it may be tempting to go after the other driver, you must remain on the scene. Leaving the scene may get you into trouble, as you can also be charged with a hit and run. Additionally, pursuing a fleeing driver will endanger you as well as other drivers. Unless you require emergency medical attention, stay put until the police arrive. This also provides an opportunity to give your statement to the police, as well as request a copy of the police report.