When in the hospital, whether it is for an injury or other medical condition, you expect the staff to take care of you–especially the nurses. Most nurses are professional, competent and kind people. But, unfortunately, there are negligent and reckless nurses, too.

If a bad nurse is responsible for your care, you may experience more harm as a result. Here are some of the most common ways nurses can harm patients through negligence. 

Saying or doing nothing when action is necessary

Your nurse is generally your frontline. He or she is responsible for monitoring your condition and taking the appropriate steps to treat you. Your nurse should be ready to take actions such as calling for help and administering medications in emergency situations. If the nurse does not immediately take the appropriate steps to provide you the care you deserve, he or she may be demonstrating medical malpractice.

Making medication errors

Nurses are responsible for administering medications according to orders from doctors. Your nurse should follow doctor orders regarding medications accurately and promptly. A nurse may commit a medication mistake by administering the wrong dosage, failing to administer medication in the appropriate timeframe or giving medication to the wrong patient. 

Hurting a patient with tools or equipment

Hospitals are full of medical devices and equipment. Nurses should be able to handle these objects safely. If your nurse injures you with medical equipment, you may suffer unnecessarily. Common examples include puncturing a patient with a needle, knocking a heavy monitor onto a patient or leaving an object inside a patient during surgery. 

If you think you are a victim of a negligent nurse, you may consider building a claim of medical malpractice. A nurse commits malpractice if he or she does not fulfill responsibilities in a way that a competent nurse would and causes harm to the patient.