Pennsylvanian interstates can be dangerous places. Due to the way shipping routes cut through the state, there are always a lot of large trucks sharing the road with other drivers. This can unfortunately make pedestrian interstate accidents even more dangerous. But why do pedestrian accidents even occur on interstates?

Though many people may think that it’s unusual for pedestrians to be on or around interstates, freeways, and highways, it is actually more common than it’s believed to be. Moreover, it isn’t just limited to people crossing the interstate on foot, though that does happen as well. FindLaw takes a look at different potential reasons for pedestrians to be on the interstate. This can include:

  • Helping other drivers after a previous crash
  • Working on vehicles on the side of the road, or otherwise standing on the shoulder
  • Walking along the shoulder, such as when a car breaks down
  • Pushing a broken-down car to the safety of the shoulder or otherwise trying to remove it from the interstate

The National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration, meanwhile, delves into some of the statistics on pedestrian-related crashes over the last few years. For example, they state that in 2016 alone, a pedestrian was killed every 1.5 hours. The number of fatalities when looking at interstate-related crashes is generally higher than it is elsewhere. This can also hold true for the crashes involving pedestrians, especially since vehicles on the interstate are often moving at incredibly high speeds.

Pedestrians who get involved in interstate crashes can often lose their lives or end up with lifelong injuries, which can greatly impact their loved ones as well. This is why many seek legal aid, and why said aid can be so much help.