Pregnancy is quite demanding on your body, and it is different for every woman and every pregnancy. Sometimes, you sail right through a pregnancy with no issues, but when you become pregnant again, things may not be so smooth. One condition that you and your Pennsylvania doctor must be vigilant about watching for is preeclampsia.

If you have a preeclampsia diagnosis, your doctor must watch you carefully. If you feel you have this condition but your doctor does not seem to take your concerns seriously and delays treatment or prolongs your pregnancy without proper care, it can have harmful effects on you and your baby, according to the Preeclampsia Foundation. Here is a look at three issues that could affect your baby if your doctor fails to diagnose preeclampsia or treat the condition properly.


When you have this condition, it restricts blood flow to the placenta. Your baby will not get the nutrients he or she needs to thrive. This may result in small birth weight and size. It also could make him or her more likely to develop hypertension, diabetes and congestive heart failure later in life.

Lactic acid buildup

Because the placenta is not getting the blood it needs, your baby’s body may not have proper blood flow, reducing the blood going to the stomach, kidneys and limbs. Eventually, once the baby’s oxygen is gone, there is a buildup of lactic acid, which leads to acidosis. This renders the baby unconscious and requires immediate delivery.

Premature birth

The only way to stop preeclampsia is to deliver the baby. This may have to happen early, especially if your baby develops a condition that threatens his or her life in the womb. Early birth can come with complications because your baby may not be ready to live outside the womb. Premature birth can also lead to lifelong issues for your baby.

Preeclampsia has some obvious symptoms and is very easy for a doctor to diagnosis in most cases. If you have any concerns, your doctor should take you seriously and perform a proper exam to diagnose or rule out the condition.