A failure to diagnose can result in devastating consequences for victims. Victims of misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis or a failure to diagnose can suffer a worsened condition or even death which is why medical malpractice legal resources are available to them and their families.

In general, if the victim suffers a worsened medical condition, beyond what would have been expected had their medical condition been timely, and correctly, diagnosed and treated, the victim may have a claim for damages against the negligent medical care provider responsible for the misdiagnosis. This can include compensation for the victims physical, financial and emotional damages that result from the medical malpractice they suffered.

A variety of medical conditions, including cancers and heart disease, may be misdiagnosed with devastating consequences. It is essential for medical care providers to listen to the patient’s symptoms and medical history and that they ensure the correct tests are ordered and the tests are properly interpreted. When medical care providers fail to provide care according to the standard of care established in their area, they may be liable for the negligent care they provide that results in harm to the victim.

Victims who are not properly or promptly diagnosed may be left with an untreated medical condition or may receive treatment for a medical condition they do not have which can also cause them harm. It is essential for victims who have placed their trust in a medical care provider, only to have that trust violated by a misdiagnosis, to be familiar with the legal protections available to them.