Injuries to the brain can be sustained in many different ways, but some individuals are affected by brain damage even before they are born. Certain conditions can affect the health of an unborn child and result in serious complication and even death if they go untreated. When they fail to manage the medical care and needs of their patients, Pennsylvania doctors can be liable for medical malpractice losses.

Hypoxia: A serious birth injury

Hypoxia is a medical condition marked by inadequate oxygen passing into a person’s brain. For unborn children, hypoxia occurs in utero. However, hypoxia can also affect newborns during the labor and delivery process and may even happen in the period following a newborn’s birth.

A diagnosis of hypoxia can result in serious complications. Cerebral palsy, a birth-related condition, involves muscle weakness and lack of coordination in the body. Cognitive problems related to oxygen deprivation can linger with children for their lifetimes.

Causes of hypoxia during the birth process

Hypoxia can be caused by many different medical issues. Infections and problems with the placenta, umbilical cord deficiencies and problems with the heart are only some of the pre-birth conditions that may lead to hypoxia. During pre-birth examinations, doctors should monitor both mothers and their unborn children for complications that may result in hypoxia. The failure to do so may have devastating results for Pennsylvania families.

This post does not provide any legal or medical advice. Hypoxia is only one of the many devastating problems that can occur during labor and delivery when doctors, nurses, and medical personnel fail to meet their duties of care to their patients. To begin investigating a birth injury claim based on medical malpractice, victims are encouraged to reach out to knowledgeable personal injury attorneys.