The different types of personal injury damages are designed to protect victims and to help them be as whole as possible following the harm they have suffered. Whether the victim has suffered injuries and harm because of a negligent driver in a car accident or a negligent medical care provider, personal injury damages may be able to help them with their physical, financial and emotional damages.

Medical damages

Medical damages are a category of personal injury damages intended to cover the medical costs and expenses associated with the medical treatment and care the victim needs because of the harm they have suffered. It can include hospital and surgical costs, ambulance fees, doctor’s visits and the costs for medical and medical equipment. It can also include future medical care expenses depending on the circumstances.

Lost wages damages

Lost wages damages are another category of personal injury damages that are intended to help the victim with the earnings and income they lost while recuperating from their injuries. They can also include lost-earning capacity depending on how extensive the victim’s injuries and damages are.

Pain and suffering damages

Pain and suffering damages are a category of damages that are intended to help injured victims with the emotional costs and ramifications of being injured in a car accident or by a negligent medical care provider.

A personal injury claim for damages is an important legal remedy that can be brought against a negligent party responsible for the harm suffered by the victim. It can help car accident victims, victims of medical malpractice, their families and others recover compensation to help with the damages associated with an unexpected car accident or being the victim of medical malpractice.