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Here’s what you might recover in your birth injury case

On Behalf of | May 19, 2021 | Birth Injuries |

A birth injury can reshape not only your child’s life, but also your life as a parent. As a result, you probably want accountability for the birth injuries that have been suffered and compensation for your losses. While you might be justified in taking legal action, before doing so you really need to understand the extent of your damages so that you can more clearly define them for the opposing party, the judge, and jury when the time comes.

What damages have you faced?

A birth injury caused by a negligent doctor or nurse can cause extensive damages. For example, in the case of Erb’s palsy, a child may suffer extended or even permanent loss of feeling and mobility of the arm, which can affect their life in the long-term. To treat the condition, you might need resources to obtain any of the following:

  • Physical therapy to try to strengthen the affected arm
  • Surgeries to try to repair damage caused to the nerves
  • Mental health services when your child gets older to try to help your him or her cope with living with the condition
  • Lost wages on account of having to miss work to care for the child
  • Modifications to your home and/or vehicle to ensure that you can provide adequate care
  • Transportation costs associated with hospital, doctor, and rehabilitation visits
  • Equipment to ensure that your child can live as normal of a life as possible

Of course, pain and suffering damages must be calculated, too, and these losses or similar damages can incur regardless of the birth injury in question.

Hold negligent medical professionals accountable

Negligent medical professionals who hurt children need to be held accountable for their actions. Successfully imposing liability isn’t always easy, though, and you might face a handful of legal challenges as you pursue a medical malpractice case.

However, you can have a skilled legal advocate on your side who can help you develop the legal arguments that you need not only to show liability, but also the true extent of the damage that has been caused to your child and your family. All you have to do is research your options and select a legal representative who you feel will give your family the representation it deserves.