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Mysterious I-81 accident leaves 2 children dead

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Auto Accidents |

An accident on Interstate 81 in Cumberland County left two small children dead.

The man who was driving with the two victims and two other children mysteriously crossed out of his lanes of traffic and into the lanes of oncoming traffic.  He ultimately ran into a pickup truck traveling the opposite direction. Apparently, a third vehicle was also involved.

The conditions of the man, the other children and the driver of the pickup were not released.

Witnesses to the accident said that it was not evident why the driver crossed over into oncoming traffic. Police are exploring a number of theories as to what happened.

For instance, as is routine in accidents like this one, they are exploring whether drugs or alcohol may have contributed to this accident.

One officer did remark that the driver does have authorization to use medical marijuana and had done so within the day prior to the accident. However, the officer did not say that he was impaired.

The police are also examining the vehicles that were involved in the accident. Information from these vehicles might give police some indication as to whether the vehicle itself was defective and may provide other evidence of the accident’s cause.

After a serious accident, families deserve a detailed investigation

It is not always evident how an accident happened, and this uncertainty can cause problems for families who are trying to obtain compensation for their losses.

While Pennsylvania is a fairly strong no-fault state, these benefits are not always enough to compensate a family’s loss. They may have to pursue those responsible for the accident.

This is one reason why it is so important for a family to be sure that an accident gets investigated thoroughly and fairly. Even if they are doing their best, an official investigation is not always conclusive or even correct.

Sometimes, securing legal assistance is an important step in making sure a thorough investigation is performed.