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Birth Injuries Archives

Is it a birth defect or a birth injury?

The birth of a child always represents a huge event in the life of a Pennsylvania parent, especially if this will be your first child. You dream about what (s)he will look like and about all the things you will be able to do with and for him or her once (s)he becomes the newest member of your family.

What is Erb's palsy?

Giving birth in Pennsylvania is a natural process, yet complications can and do occur. Erb's palsy is a complication that sometimes occurs during a difficult birth and can affect the function of your baby's arms. 

Missed diagnosed ectopic pregnancy

When people hear about misdiagnosed pregnancies, they automatically think of misdiagnosed birth defects or missed diagnosed viable pregnancies. While those types of malpractice do occur in Pennsylvania and the U.S., one less commonly talked about problem is the misdiagnosis of viable pregnancies as nonviable.

What is amniotic fluid embolism?

While giving birth to a baby in Pennsylvania is usually a very safe process, the possibility of perinatal or postnatal complications is always present. An amniotic fluid embolism is a rare but potentially life-threatening condition that can develop while you are giving birth or just afterward. 

What are some common birth injuries?

The process of labor and delivery is very natural. It has been happening since the beginning of humankind. However, not every birth in Pennsylvania goes smoothly and without issues. Sometimes, birth injuries occur to the baby. The most common of these, though, are generally temporary issues that clear up without any long-lasting effects.

The importance of early diagnosis of preeclampsia

Pregnant women and their partners in Pennsylvania know that proper prenatal care is essential for both mothers and babies. While it might seem almost routine anymore to be pregnant and deliver a baby in part due to advances in health care and healthy lifestyles, the fact remains that many serious complications can still arise during pregnancy. Preeclampsia, formerly known as toxemia, is one of those conditions.

What is Erb's palsy?

Pennsylvanian residents like you rely on your medical team to deliver your baby safely. Unfortunately, unforeseen complications or mistakes on the part of the medical staff may result in birth injuries. Navitsky, Olson & Wisneski, LLP, are here to help you navigate through difficult situations in which your child has been injured during birth.

Understanding assisted vaginal deliveries

If you or your partner is pregnant and preparing for labor and delivery, you will want to educate yourself about the various scenarios that may happen so that you are prepared to make fast decisions if you need to do so for the health of the mother or baby. One of the things that can happen is that a baby may have difficulty completing their exit from the birth canal. When this happens, some doctors recommend the use of other tools to help pull the baby out. This is called an assisted vaginal delivery.

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