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Truck Accidents Archives

Semis involved in Pennsylvania pileups due to winter weather

Hazardous conditions due to winter weather can set the stage for a chain-reaction roadway collision involving multiple vehicles and dozens of people. Particularly unforgiving snow squalls last Wednesday led to two massive pileups on Pennsylvania highways at approximately the same time. There are no reports of fatalities from either accident, but over two dozen people altogether have sustained injuries as a result.

Semi-truck fails to stop, two people die

People in Pennsylvania have good reason to feel a bit uneasy about being next to a tractor-trailer or other large commercial vehicle on the road or freeway. The massive size and weight of these big rigs can definitely be intimidating and may contribute to extreme risks if an accident occurs with one of these vehicles. In addition to that, however, is the concern of what these trucks might be transporting. Many trucks could well carry items that are flammable or otherwise dangerous, adding to the risk that people face in a crash.

How often do truck drivers abuse drugs and alcohol?

As a Pennsylvania resident, encountering large commercial trucks on state roadways is likely a common occurrence, but you may, like many others, feel uneasy when navigating your way around them. While the sheer size and weight of modern semi-trucks make them inherently dangerous, they become even more potentially deadly when the people commandeering them abuse drugs or alcohol on the job.

Serious truck crash closes freeway

Every state in the nation, including Pennsylvania, has clear laws governing traffic flow and operation of vehicles. In addition, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has additional rules and guidelines that govern the operation of commercial motor vehicles by those with commercial driving licenses. These rules are intended to ensure that truckers and others who operate large commercial vehicles do so safely and responsibly.

Tire blow-out causes deadly truck accident

Pennsylvania residents know that an accident with a semi truck or other large commercial vehicle can be extremely serious given the massive size and weight of these big rigs. This is one of the reasons that there are laws in place to encourage safe operation of these vehicles by truck drivers.

Why are tire blowouts more common in summer?

Summer offers Pennsylvania motorists a relief from snow and ice, so it seems heavy trucks will be less likely to skid and crash while traveling on the Keystone state's interstates and highways. However, warmer weather also brings the added risk that semi trucks will suffer tire blowouts. According to Popular Mechanics, tire blowouts are much more common starting from about mid-May and lasting to the early part of October.

Fatigue a serious problem for truckers

Driving a vehicle is something that most people do not think twice about as it is essential to getting you from point A to point B on a regular basis. However, if you have ever been involved in even the most minor fender bender accident, you will have a new awareness of the risks involved with being on the roads. Accidents can and do happen and when they involve semi trucks or other large vehicles, the results can be catastrophic. 

Trucking rules target fatigue among drivers

If you are like many Pennsylvania residents, you may well be concerned about fatigue experienced by drivers of semi trucks and other large commercial vehicles. This concern is understandable given the long and often lonely hours drivers spend on the road. When fatigued, the risk of an accident naturally increases and that puts not only the truckers but others on the roads at risk. In order to help prevent this from happening, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has developed what it calls its Hours of Service rule that drivers are supposed to follow.

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