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Why Choose NOW Law?

Cerebral Palsy and the Law

Cerebral Palsy is a devastating condition affecting the brain and central nervous system of an infant or child. It’s often attributed to complications, such as oxygen deprivation, head trauma or brain damage occurring before, during or shortly after delivery. It can be caused by preventable medical mistakes made by a doctor, nurse, midwife or medical professional.

The special needs of a child who has cerebral palsy affect the whole family and can impose physical, emotional and financial hardships. The condition is associated with a lifetime of expensive therapies and costly interventions.

If your family has been affected by cerebral palsy, you understand that it’s much more than a diagnosis. Watching your child suffer from unnecessary pain and suffering, while you struggle to keep up with medical bills, constant doctor’s office visits and painful procedures can be heart-wrenching.

Because cerebral palsy is often caused by medical errors or complications, families of children diagnosed with cerebral palsy are frequently entitled to compensation. In many cases, a lawsuit is the best way to ensure a positive outcome for your family’s financial future.

Why NOW Law?

Navitsky, Olson & Wisneski LLP (NOW Law) — a cerebral palsy law firm — has experienced cerebral palsy attorneys who have both the legal and medical knowledge necessary to make sure that you get the best possible result from any lawsuit. We have repeatedly secured million dollar and multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for our clients.

Our reputation for excellence has been recognized by such organizations as Super Lawyers, The Best Lawyers in America, and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. NOW Law has been recognized by U.S. News and World Report as one of the Best Law Firms in the Personal Injury Category.

Our practice has been successful because we provide personal attention to each of our clients. We listen, we care and we answer all questions and address all concerns along the way. We will treat you the way we would want to be treated if our own children were diagnosed with cerebral palsy. While we are compassionate, we are also aggressive – we will fight to obtain every dollar that you need to take care of your disabled child.

Cerebral Palsy Attorneys with Actual Medical Experience

If you might be involved in a medical malpractice lawsuit, you need attorneys who have medical experience as well as legal experience.

Duane Barrick is a medical malpractice attorney and a Registered Nurse. As an RN with 8 years of experience in and out of operating rooms, Duane gained extensive experience in and knowledge of various fields of medicine. He now puts this knowledge to work for NOW Law clients.

Nijole Olson holds advanced degrees in Medical Microbiology and Preventative Medicine-Epidemiology. She understands the medical and legal aspects of complex cerebral palsy malpractice cases and has put this knowledge to practice by obtaining multiple large settlements and significant jury verdicts throughout the state. As a female attorney and mother, Nijole understands and can relate to cerebral palsy and birth injury clients.

These attorneys, along with our other experienced cerebral palsy lawyers, are able to provide medical insight and knowledge that cannot be found elsewhere. When your family needs answers and a plan for moving forward, NOW Law has the experience and resources to assist you.

The Process

Answers: : In the initial phase, a NOW Law attorney will review the medical records and documents related to your case. He or she will provide answers to any questions that you may have about your medical care and the legal process.

Planning: From the start, our cerebral palsy attorneys will formulate a plan for moving forward—creating action items, setting a timeline, and working toward a positive outcome.

Navigation: It’s a given…during the legal process, things can get confusing. Our law team will provide answers and honest information as the case moves forward. Having guidance from an experienced cerebral palsy lawyer will provide the insight you need during the process.

Results: We will fight for the best possible outcome for your family. At all times, NOW Law will put your needs first, and will work for success and the compensation you deserve.

Experienced Cerebral Palsy Attorneys on Your Side

We understand that a doctor’s mistake or a bad decision can change a life forever, especially in cases involving cerebral palsy. Based on this, our goal is simple — to provide experienced, compassionate and skilled legal representation in order to help you secure the financial compensation that you need to take care of your disabled child and family.

If your family is ready to move forward following a cerebral palsy diagnosis, contact NOW Law for a free consultation. Don’t wait…contact us today at 800-818-9608. It’s time to have an experienced cerebral palsy lawyer on your side.