If you have, unfortunately, suffered an injury during your course of medical treatment or care, you might be able to recover compensation from your medical service provider.  Now, how do you go about it, and who can help you present a claim? Undeniably, you need a competent medical malpractice lawyer. You need an experienced lawyer who can protect your legal rights, secure your claim and obtain the compensation that you are entitled to. What to consider when choosing a competent medical malpractice attorney to litigate your medical malpractice case? Medical malpractice is an area of personal injury law. However, that does not mean that all personal injury lawyers are competent to handle medical malpractice cases.  That is why it is important to look for a lawyer who specifically deals with medical malpractice cases. Next, you want the person who will represent you to have extensive knowledge, rich experience and best qualifications, to help you secure the financial compensation that you are entitled to. An essential and primary thing to determine is whether you truly have a medical malpractice case.  At NOW LAW,  it will not cost you anything to speak to an attorney to find out if you have a valid case. Schedule a meeting with a medical malpractice lawyer for a brief introductory consultation, which will allow you to meet him or her and receive some essential feedback about your case. Until your lawyer has gathered and reviewed all the details of your medical case and the injury caused to you, it will not be possible to know whether your case will go to trial or not.  Even though many medical malpractice cases can be  settled (resolved through negotiations),  some can not, and have to be tried.  It is important to choose a law firm that has medical malpractice attorneys who have extensive trial experience. You should ask your attorney for a detailed estimation of the legal fees and expenses that you will need to pay out. As far as the duration, a well-experienced attorney should be able to provide you with a tentative timeline of how long your case might take.  Keep in mind that every claim is unique and the duration depends largely on the intensity and complexity of the case. Finally, your comfort level with the attorney who will handle your case is paramount.  Choose a medical malpractice lawyer whom you can communicate with effortlessly, and who you consider to be trustworthy, reliable and compassionate. At NOW LAW, our entire practice is devoted to helping people who have been injured by medical malpractice and people who have suffered a birth injury or personal injury. The medical malpractice lawyers in Harrisburg, PA have decades of experience handling medical malpractice cases and know how to properly evaluate and handle your case.  If you need a medical malpractice attorney PA, contact NOW LAW office today, and let our experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyers help you.  Call us today:  1-.