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April 2018 Archives

Staying on top of breast cancer

A generation ago, it seemed relatively rare to hear about someone having breast cancer. Today, a large number of people in Pennsylvania have either had breast cancer themselves or have personally known someone who has had this form of cancer. As many advances have been made in the detection and treatment of breast cancer, the fact remains that some cases may go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for too long. This may well contribute to the cancer spreading and becoming a more serious problem that if it had been able to be identified earlier.

What are some mistakes doctors and nurses make?

When you see your primary doctor or go to the hospital, you expect to receive excellent care. Unfortunately, medical professionals may fail to properly treat you. Your health care provider may even harm you, or worse. In fact, according to USA Today, preventable errors result in 200,000 deaths every year.

A costly mistake: cancer misdiagnoses

Most Pennsylvania residents understand that to err is human. However, this sentiment becomes incredibly complex when a life is at stake. Although medical mistakes can be common, those involving cancer diagnoses have little room for error. Below are some common types of cancer doctors miss most, as well as a number of factors that can play into a misdiagnosis. 

The reality of cancer misdiagnoses

When a doctor diagnoses a loved one with a terminal illness, life can change in an instant. Suddenly, routines, daily errands and even work shifts can become the complete opposite of what they once were. With all of the life changes that a serious illness can bring, discovering that the diagnosis was incorrect can be upsetting, to say the least. Pennsylvania families who have suffered as a result of an improper diagnosis may decide to seek justice.

Should you be concerned about a truck rollover?

Like most Americans, you drive on the freeway regularly to get across town or go on road trips. This means you often share the road with large commercial trucks. You and other Pennsylvania residents may understand that there are numerous dangers unique to large trucks. Rollover accidents are one of the deadliest and most terrifying of these dangers.

Pennsylvania hospital overdoses patient

Most people in Pennsylvania have likely heard about the challenges facing the nation these days due to opioid addictions and other problems related to these serious medications. Even when opioids are used by medical staff for approved medical purposes, great care must be taken as they are highly powerful drugs. Pennsylvania has laws in place that outline specific protocol for medical professionals to follow when administering these drugs to patients. The steps also detail how frequently patients should be monitored once given these medications.

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