Before a child is born, there’s a great hope and wish for the baby to be born healthy and for the childbirth to be without any complications. Unfortunately, injuries do happen during birth.It can be devastating to learn that many of these birth injuries are serious and can lead to irreversible mental and/or physical disabilities.Naturally, parents want to know what went wrong, especially when the pregnancy seemed normal. Starting the process of a birth injury lawsuit can bring answers to your questions.It is painful to find out that many of these birth injuries were caused by inadequate or negligent care by a health care provider and could have been prevented.A medical mistake can result in a range of birth injuries.The most serious birth injuries are injuries to the brain – caused by oxygen deprivation or bleeding inside the brain from delivery trauma . These often result in Cerebral Palsy. Other severe injuries include Brachial Plexus injuries. Among the list of birth injuries are also temporary paralysis, a fractured arm, or a fractured collarbone.If your child was born with Cerebral Palsy, or has suffered a Brachial Plexus injury (such as Erb’s Palsy or Klumpke’s Palsy), it may have been caused by mistakes made by doctors or other medical professionals during the delivery process.As the unfortunate victim of medical malpractice, your child may need a lifelong special medical care, which also means large hospital bills. Not only is this emotionally and psychologically difficult time for you and your family, but it can also be financially and technically close to unmanageable.At a trying time like this, it can be extremely helpful to have the birth injury lawyer on your side.The very first thing to determine is what went wrong and why. If medical negligence was involved, you should work with your birth injury lawyer to take all necessary steps and file a claim.A monetary settlement can help you pay for your child’s medical costs. It can help with providing a more comfortable and independent life for your child. Finally, a successful lawsuit may also help to prevent more medical negligence cases from taking place – you might help prevent another child from being harmed as a result of the same improper medical care.To answer the question: “How could this have happened?” call us for an in-depth evaluation of your child’s complete medical records as well as the mother’s pregnancy and delivery. Our legal team needs to carefully review all of the records and establish whether the injury resulted from medical negligence by a healthcare professional.You have the right to know whether a birth injury to your child or to someone close to you was preventable.A Philadelphia birth injury attorney at NOW LAW will help you get the answers you deserve. We have been helping families affected by medical negligence or improper medical care that results in a birth injury for many years.Even though appointing a Pennsylvania birth injury lawyer and filing a claim does not erase the harm done, it may greatly help with many aspects and challenges you and your family have to cope with. Time is of essence; so if you believe that medical errors or negligence caused birth injuries to your child, take steps to have a professional review of your case to determine if you should file a claim.It is natural to have many questions, so call NOW LAW Pennsylvania birth injury attorney officeto discuss your birth injury situation and potential legal rights. Allow one of our experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy Pennsylvania birth injury lawyers to help you and your family.Call us for a free consultation today at: 1-.Or, visit us here.