Many people in Pennsylvania were raised to be tough. Here at Navitsky, Olson & Wisneski LLP, we understand the impulse you might have to project a strong image in the face of adversity. Many of our clients feel the same. That is why we work with each client compassionately and diligently to uncover the truth behind the event and provide an opportunity for closure. 

We understand that grief can be complicated, so we strive to present the simplest and most effective legal solutions to our clients. Especially in the case of potential medical malpractice, we focus on uncovering hard facts rather than delivering lengthy explanations.

Most of our clients are struggling with practical concerns, such as the inability to handle medical bills or undirected anger. Our medical malpractice team works tirelessly to secure the future of bereaved families, as well as to secure favorable and appropriate settlements in various other situations:

  • Erb’s palsy and other birth issues
  • Heart attack misdiagnoses
  • Secondary infections at hospitals
  • Emergency room intake mismanagement

Many of the instances of medical malpractice we handle leave our clients permanently disabled in some way. Sometimes death is involved, permanently devastating a family. As lawyers, we know that what we do could never provide complete closure for our bereaved clients. However, we believe that we often provide an environment where they are able to stop worrying about financial problems or institutional injustice and focus on healing. 

In short, we are proud to work towards getting injured people and their families the compensation they need and deserve. We believe our actions open the door to long-term healing and acceptance of loss. Please continue reading by navigating to our main site for more information.