People in Pennsylvania have good reason to feel a bit uneasy about being next to a tractor-trailer or other large commercial vehicle on the road or freeway. The massive size and weight of these big rigs can definitely be intimidating and may contribute to extreme risks if an accident occurs with one of these vehicles. In addition to that, however, is the concern of what these trucks might be transporting. Many trucks could well carry items that are flammable or otherwise dangerous, adding to the risk that people face in a crash.

A recent multi-vehicle crash along a stretch of Interstate 78 in Bucks County erupted in flames and turned deadly after one semi-truck did not stop as it approached slowing traffic ahead of it, as reported by It is not known exactly what the driver of that truck was transporting but the initial impact eventually created a domino effect that led one passenger vehicle and four other semi-trucks to be involved. The car and two of the trucks became engulfed in fire

Three people were injured but no details about the nature of their injuries or their prognosis is known. The two people in the passenger vehicle were both killed in the blaze. The pair killed were an engaged couple on their way to Pittsburgh, the home town of the man, for their wedding.

There is no information at this time that indicates whether or not drugs, alcohol, speed or other factors may have contributed to the crash. Also unknown is whether or not any charges have or will be filed against the trucker who failed to stop.