Even the healthiest individuals need to seek medical care. The idea of going to a doctor may not be appealing; nonetheless, it is a step that one needs to take to ensure they are healthy, have an injury treated or an ailment diagnosed. However, some patients in Pennsylvania suffer additional harms simply because of the medical care they received. Medical errors can range from minor to extreme; however, even the slightest error could cause a patient to receive the wrong surgery, wrong medication or undergo the wrong treatment.

Artificial intelligence used to address medical errors

Medical errors can have a tragic and fatal impact of patient’s lives, which is why researchers are considering the role of artificial intelligence sensor as a means to reduce medical errors and aid clinicians in their efforts to save the lives of their patients.

The use of ambient intelligence, which is a subcategory of artificial intelligence, aims to assist with the day-to-day activities, as hospitals are busy and complex environments. Think of this like a smart home. Ambient intelligence could be used to alert both healthcare professionals and visitors to sanitize their hands. It could also be used to monitor patients to better identify when lives saving interventions are necessary.

Reducing medical errors

Because a medical mistake could be caused by the overall operation of a hospital, it is suggested that by providing more technology assistance, it could help clinicians execute better care for high volumes of patients. Bedside care is complex, and with technology, all action taken on a patient could be better addressed and detailed.

Medical errors can be the difference between a healthy individual and not. In some cases, a medical mistake could compromise one’s health and wellbeing for a long duration or even be the cause of their death. Thus, patients and their loved ones should take the time to fully understand their situation. By exploring the matter further, patients may be able to understand what mistakes were made, what medical professional is to blame and the recourses they could take. A medical malpractice action could help an injured patient or impacted loved one recover compensation for the losses suffered.