Changing leaves, earlier sunsets, and crisp autumn air are all classic signs that the fall season is now upon us. Another sign of autumn is an increase in deer sightings along roadways. While it might be exciting to spot a deer on a walk through the woods, it is different to spot one while driving.

Car accidents involving deer are very common. In fact, more than one million accidents occur because of deer each year. These accidents can happen year-round but are especially common in the fall. As hunters track down and shoot the deer, the deer begin moving to areas they might not usually go to. As the danger of hitting a deer increases around this time of year, what can drivers do to stay safe?

Know how to look for deer

Spotting a deer is not easy because of their natural camouflage, but there are some helpful tips to find them. Road signs that indicate deer crossings are usually pretty accurate about where hey may cross, so be sure not to ignore the warnings. Your headlights also reflect off the deer’s eyes, which may be your best way of spotting them. Also, remember that deer travel in groups, so if one just crossed the street, more may try to follow.

Watch for new dangers

With more deer on the roads, more drivers are going to try and avoid them. If a deer jumps in front of another driver, they may swerve and collide with you. When you notice a deer on the side of the road, make sure you are also looking at the cars around you. An unaware driver may be the actual cause of your accident, instead of the deer.