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Anesthesia Error Claims

General anesthesia, dental anesthesia, topical anesthesia and epidural anesthesia require careful monitoring of the patient’s vital signs and oxygenation. When physicians or anesthesiologists fail to prescribe the correct dosage, protect against possible reactions, question the patient carefully on other medications they may be taking, or carefully monitor the patient’s condition during anesthesia, the result can be significant illness, severe brain damage or even death. When this occurs, you need the best medical malpractice lawyers in Philadelphia on your side.

Anesthesia Injuries

Some of the most common injuries caused by anesthesia errors include:.

  • Brain damage
  • Tracheal damage
  • Asphyxia or lack of adequate oxygen
  • Cardiovascular injury, including heart attack or stroke
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Coma
  • Death

Preventable Anesthesia Errors

Preventable anesthesia errors include:.

  • Failure to intubate or injury caused during intubation
  • Anesthesia dosage error
  • Failing to properly monitor a patient for any complications or distress
  • Failing to recognize complications
  • Delayed anesthesia delivery from vaporizer leakage, IV errors and other complications
  • Turning off the alarm on the pulse oximeter
  • Improper or negligent administration of oxygen during surgery
  • Communication errors before, during or after the procedure
  • Dangerously prolonged sedation
  • Drug or alcohol use by an attending medical provider

Medical Malpractice Lawyers In Mechanicsburg

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